A few of our services.

Our team concentrates on enhancing your presence. We specialize in various areas including marketing, product design, software development, mobile and enterprise application development, Video and Broadcast solutions, content distribution strategies. We utilize a wide-range of software and programming technologies to build custom solutions.

Broadcast & Content Development Services

Digital video production services


Website development and design

Our Design Process

Design Capabilities.

  • Logo and Corporate Identity design

    Business Card, Stationary, Layout and Design

  • Website design

  • Videography, Editing Suite, Special Effects, Blue/Green Screen, Color Correction and more.

  • Typography Design, CSS Implementation and more.

  • Brochure and Packaging Design.

  • Poster Printing, layout and design.

  • Brand strategy.

  • Infographics.

Specialty Application Development

Tickets give your audience  the ability of instant access to audio tracks, video, fan club data, photo’s, merchandising & loyalty programs, and more, by directly linking the ticket holder to the artist’s, advertiser or venue’s content.

When you have the Xerial app, simply waive the camera from your iOS device at the QR code and watch what we can do.

Requires Xerial located on the App Store.


Professional Capabilities.

Our Sound Studio

Our primary workstations are a complete Pro Tools and Logo Pro audio suite+workflow.

We stock over 150 Physical and Digital Synths for music production and produce our own soundtracks for something different than subscription sites.

Adagio3 Don’t Change Edition ©2019 By Michael Wright All Rights Reserved. 

A Tribute to Summy ©2020 By Michael Wright All Rights Reserved. 

All Over Again ©2023 By Michael Wright All Rights Reserved.

CCCP American Soviets Inspired ©2023 By Michael Wright All Rights Reserved. American Soviets  Copyright © 1995 by CCCP.


Live Audio

We provide a comprehensive live performance sound system for your presentations, boasting over 35,000 watts of incredible PA power for both analog and digital configurations, inclusive of our Turbo Sound Line Array, PA, and wireless microphones.

Additionally, we operate live mixers from Midas in both side-stage and back-of-room configurations.

For professional-level events, we utilize a Midas PRO2C-CC-TP 64-Channel Compact Digital Console. For smaller venues, we employ a Midas M32IP Live board. Both are fully equipped to deliver the best possible auditory experience for your audience members.

iOS UX/UI Development

We create wireframes and undertake UI and UX development using Adobe XD, among other tools, to optimally define your app project.

As a house proficient in SwiftUI and PHP web development, we can construct your app both efficiently and affordably.

Direct to plate digital design, match prints, color separations and more. We are specialists in the tools needed to get your materials to market. From Quark Express, Microsoft Word, Adobe Indesign, Agfa, to a specialization in digital and offset printing by Heidelberg, Epson Commercial, and others.

We partner with the best print companies for the quickest turnaround and the highest quality output.

Framework App Development @ the enterprise level.

We design Front and backend frameworks for your applications. In computer programming, a software framework is an abstraction in which software, providing generic functionality, can be selectively changed by additional user-written code, thus providing application-specific software.

Some of the more Common frameworks we work with  include AppMaster, Ruby on Rails, Express. js, Flask, Laravel, Yii2, ASP.NET Core, Spring, Django, goJS and others. 

Common frameworks include Solid, BootStrap, React, Ember, Vue. js, Svelte, and Angular.

Video Tools

We specialize in developing Motion Workflows for use in Final Cut Studio and After Effects.  With over 2500 imaging effects and Plug-ins including the complete Red Giant Suite, Power Director 365, Shotcut, Mojave, Premier, Hit Film, LIghtworks, Davinci, Avid Media Composer and others.

Patent and Copyright

“When it comes to protecting your Intellectual Property, you need a team that respects your confidentiality.

We have 12 Trademarks, 4 patents, 3 provisional patents, and a team of engineers and patent writers at your disposal.

Our specialization includes Copyright, Publishing rights, ISBN Registration, and Barcoding, ranging from UPC-A through to DataMatrix. We also handle 30 additional 1D and 2D formats, including QR and Micro Data Matrix.”


App Development

Our iOS development team, with over six years of experience, has been diligently designing applications using SwiftUI, React, PHP, and Java.

Our methodology commences with a comprehensive discussion of your objectives and requirements. We then proceed to structure these ideas using a prototyping system, namely Adobe XD. Our team has devised complete UI and UX designs, incorporating the intellectual properties underpinning the application logic.

We invite you to download Xerial (our Enterprise framework) and explore our capabilities in deep-linking organic marketing. Utilising AI and Machine Learning, we are able to tap into new, previously unexplored marketing channels.

It is our mission to offer you the best insights and access to insanely great technologies to help you succeed.

The facts prove themselves to be true. If you would like to take the steps towards the future of your brand communications, you should call us today. We are ready to get started on working together on the future.