Our cinematic visionaries are capable of crafting and translating stories through the lens of today’s trends and issues helping to make your content relevant for today’s sophisticated audiences.

Announcing: Intelligent Storytelling Solutions

Our business is dedicated to helping companies identify and create intelligent snapshots to target and grow their customer base. Utilizing cinematic quality and techniques, we craft compelling stories that resonate with audiences. From promotional and sales videos to live events, motion graphics solutions, and cinema-quality special effects, we ensure a big impact when it matters most.

Our services include:

  • Promotional Videos: Engaging content to boost your brand’s visibility.
  • Sales Videos: Persuasive narratives to drive conversions.
  • Live Events: Capturing the energy and excitement of your events.
  • Motion Graphics Solutions: Dynamic visuals to enhance your message.
  • Cinema Quality Special Effects: High-impact effects for unforgettable storytelling.

Partner with us to tell your story with intelligence and impact.

Visual FX Pipeline

Samples of our current Visual\FX output utilizing Blender 2, Houdini, Nuke, Fusion, Motion, FCP, Adobe AfterEffect

Michael the Archangel

Visualize your scenes by capturing emotional details

Digital Character Development

Impossible scenes that can only be done in our visualFX Pipeline. 

Bringing stars from yesteryear into today's cinema

Completely reimagined cinema stars from yesteryear modernized and pulled into your storyline. Our full suite of digital effects are at your fingertips to impact your film.

Character Development

Meet Chance. She’s a virtual actress ready to star in your commercial.

Announcing the launch of our new studio divisions “Border Studios, MediaHaus, and a new  digital-effects company built on the world’s leading workflows.

With a strategic focus on developing Studio Level Quality motion pictures, Film, Broadcast and streaming services for both in-house and client related productions. We are a full service company dedicated to the full development cycle of motion picture and television commercial broadcast production.

Learn how to create and operate your own film studio.
Motion Projects - CG Broadcast Division
©2023-2024 by Xerial
US House of Representatives Res 416 for 2023 DIPG awareness campaign
©2023-2024 by Xerial
Proposed Netflix® Series Credit Intro Roll for  – Borderwatch written and produced by BorderStudios.
©2023-2024 by Xerial
NASA Passion Project – Storyboarding in real-time. Showcasing stock footage, special effects and more
©2023-2024 by Xerial
Greetings+ Product commercial.Produced by MediaHaus. We invented the product, and then wrote and filmed the commercial.

Effective PR Strategies: "Midwest CGI Powerhouse 'CinemaFX' Outshines Eastern and Western Coastal Competitors with Cost Advantages, Accessible Talent, and Smoother Scheduling"

We chose to establish our studio operations in the Midwest United States instead of a coastal location due to distinct lower-cost lifestyle benefits. These benefits form the foundation of our operational business model which we lovingly call our Customer’s Bill of Rights.

  • It’s about passing on the Cost Savings to you: The Midwest is generally known for its lower cost of living and operating expenses compared to coastal regions. This includes lower costs for office space, utilities, and sometimes, even labor. For Digital Alchemy, these savings can translate into lower project costs, more competitive pricing, and potentially higher profit margins.
  • Access to Talent: With numerous prestigious universities and colleges located in the Midwest, there’s a steady stream of fresh talent entering the workforce. Instead of scouting these locations for talent, we chose to bring the projects closer to home where the talent resides. These institutions often have strong programs in computer science, graphic design, and related fields, providing a pool of educated and skilled professionals ready to contribute to the creative and technological demands of CGI work.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: The Midwest’s business environment is often characterized by a strong sense of community and collaboration. High up on our want’s-list is a solid foundation of business principals built-on integrity, enthusiasm and an outright sense of community. This leads to beneficial partnerships with regional businesses, educational institutions, and government entities. Such collaborations can foster innovation, provide access to research and development resources, and open up educational opportunities for staff development and project loyalty.
  • Early Stage means better scheduling: The pace of life and business operations in the Midwest can be less frantic than in many coastal cities, leading to reduced stress and more productive workflows. These benefits carry over to a more balanced work-life environment for employees, potentially leading to higher job satisfaction, lower turnover, and improved productivity. For clients, this might mean more personalized attention and responsiveness.
  • Strategic Geographic Location: Positioned centrally within the United States, a Midwest location can offer strategic advantages in terms of logistics and communication with clients spread across the country. It can serve as a convenient meeting point for national clients and provide more manageable working hours for projects involving collaborators from different time zones.
  • Quality of Life: The Midwest is known for its friendly communities, scenic landscapes, and affordable housing, which can be attractive to professionals seeking a high quality of life without the high costs associated with coastal cities. This can make it easier for a CGI graphics house to attract and retain top talent who value these aspects of modern yet laid-back living.
  • Growing Tech Hub: Kansas City and Overland Park KS are both neighbors and are emerging as tech hubs which are known as the ‘Silicone Prairie’, attracting startups and established companies alike. This ecosystem fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and the growth of cutting-edge technologies, including those relevant to CGI and digital graphics.
  • Lower Competition: Compared to the highly saturated markets on the coasts, the Midwest may offer less competition for CGI graphics houses. This can result in more visibility in the regional market, potentially leading to increased business opportunities.
  • Location Benefits: A lower cost of living means production costs are greatly reduced. We spend our revenue on maintaining the industry’s leading equipment and maintain the latest technology trends.

In summary, the Midwest offers a compelling mix of economic, talent, lifestyle, and strategic advantages for a high-end CGI graphics house, positioning it well to compete on a national and even global scale while maintaining a cost-effective and innovative operation.

Nuke and Houdini - CGFX Pipeline examples (Coming Soon)

Nuke And Houdini Projects

Nuke And Houdini Projects

Nuke And Houdini Projects

Nuke And Houdini Projects

AI Enhanced Media Solutions Division

HoudiniFX 19.5 and Photoshop character development.

From our Enhanced Media Solutions

Concept board (1) for a  
project called Decay.

Concept board (2) for a  
project called Decay

Animated conceptual character study using HoudiniFX 19.5 and Photoshop. Stop violence against Children Campaign. 2024

Animated conceptual character study using HoudiniFX 19.5 and Photoshop. Stop violence against Children Campaign. 2024

Animated conceptual character study using HoudiniFX 19.5 and Photoshop.

Animated conceptual character study using HoudiniFX 19.5 and Photoshop. Painting underpants on the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo.

Animated conceptual Scene study using HoudiniFX 19.5 and Nuke for compositing effects. It’s the end of the World as we know it.

Animated conceptual character study using HoudiniFX 19.5 and Photoshop.

Animated conceptual character study using HoudiniFX 19.5 and Photoshop. Stop violence against Children Campaign. 2024

Publishing & Editorial Division

Hamburgr Magazine – It’s about AI generative content in media.

Camp Magazine – The original. A look into Arts, Music, performance in modern culture.

Digital AI POP Art – Our Generative AI guide to virtual Artists works.

Insights – Each month we publish an interesting Insight into a variety of subject.s.

Product Design and Development

Mac Pro Speaker Grilles

iPhone, iPod Exotica Case Line


Case Designs and Accessories 


Mac mini Expanded


Private Label Designs 

Software Application Development

Xerial – Core 









“Welcome Back to 1993: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary Edition of Camp Magazine’s Premiere Issue! Rediscover the top stories of the day as told by leading writers, updated for modern times.”

Cover photo by Karen Mason Blair ©1993 Used with permission

Free Download. Fantastic Stories from the decade that changed everything. 

(Open PDF) (Download ePub) 

The Apple Macintosh IIci was released on September 20, 1989, as an upgraded version of the IIcx. It featured a 25 MHz Motorola 68030 CPU and was the first Macintosh to include 32-bit clean ROMs and built-in color video circuitry, making it one of the most popular and enduring models of its time (Wikipedia).

At the same time, Adobe made waves with the release of Photoshop 1.0 in 1990, which quickly became a revolutionary tool in graphic design. QuarkXPress, first released in 1987, remained the dominant desktop publishing software during this period, favored by professionals for its powerful layout and typography capabilities (EveryMac).

As a twenty-something designer, writer, publisher, editor, and reporter, you were navigating a transformative era in social awareness, technology and media, utilizing these groundbreaking tools to create and publish our work independently, despite the challenges posed by local media constraints. Enjoy reflecting on our remarkable achievements during this most exciting time!

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