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As your visual storytelling evolves, MediaHaus stands out for its accuracy and a forward-thinking approach we bring to your production. Our work goes beyond just the capturing of images; it’s about creating meaningful connections and managing all aspects of the videography process from start to finish with who you want to target and delivering impact driven results. 

Critical to any successful campaign is the ability to understanding your audiences needs along with understanding the human experience and what drives their desires but also includes having the right tools in place to help effectively capture the messaging you want to purvey to that audience. We are here to help you bring that to them. This should be employed across all mediums, in every stage of your campaign.

We partner with people who have a story to tell. We provide you with a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique needs to put together the very best messaging to effectively reach and capture that audience. 

The processes used in the capture, creation and creativity used to tell your story. 

Photo Credit: Michael Wright - Red Dragon 6K with Mac and PC running Houdini 20 and Nuke. On-set mobile editing station.

Understanding key fundamentals of film production from location
and casting, to filming, editing, and the post-production pipeline.

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In the film industry, pre-production denotes the foundational phase of filmmaking characterized by meticulous planning, coordination, and preparation preceding principal photography.

During this stage, key activities include script development, casting, location scouting, crew hiring, storyboard creation, set and costume design, and production scheduling.

Pre-production is paramount in establishing the groundwork necessary to ensure seamless execution and optimal efficiency once filming begins.



In the production stage we are referring to the main phase of filmmaking during which the actual shooting or filming of scenes takes place.

This stage involves executing the plans and preparations made during pre-production, including directing actors, capturing footage, coordinating technical aspects such as cinematography and sound recording, managing sets and props, and ensuring that the creative vision of the film is realized on camera.

Production typically involves a variety of crew members working together under the guidance of the director to bring the script to life and capture the necessary footage for the final film.


Post Production​

In film terminology, post-production refers to the phase of filmmaking that occurs after the filming or shooting is complete.

This stage involves editing the footage, adding visual effects, sound design, composing and adding music, color correction, and any other enhancements needed to finalize the film.

Post-production is where the raw footage is transformed into a polished and cohesive final product ready for distribution. It is a crucial stage where the creative vision of the film is refined and brought to fruition.​

A bit more in-depth breakdown of each of the
three primary areas of our production process.

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