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Who this Manufactured boycott is really hurting. 

Let’s get deeper for Insights May 2023:  I have personally experienced the feigned outrage being driven by social influencers in the name of major news corporations. You have groups that hide behind the anonymity of social media, who are hell-bent on the destruction of what has been known as a conservative brand that has made contributions to major charitable causes, election campaigns of conservative candidates, and has been at the center of supporting inclusion for all people while promoting an entertainment product. How is it that companies like this can continue to defame a company like Anheuser-Busch through these invisible voices that are pushing their own agenda?

Consumers do have a right to choose whatever beverage they like, but news organizations do NOT have a right to put their fingers on the scale of public opinion, especially under false pretenses. These actions can be detrimental to the tens of thousands of people who have lives built around a brand that has done nothing more than support a great multitude of causes and families over many lifetimes. The real story is how a dumb marketing rollout has caused the devaluation of a conservative stalwart for reasons that the public is not aware of, have little or nothing to do with gay rights, Dylan Mulvaney, or similar causes.

This backlash should not be seen as a victory for conservatism or social causes, as the larger battle lies ahead rather than behind us. It is the battle for funding that supports the causes that may not make headlines. When you strip away $27 billion in market share, who do you think will fund your politicians’ campaigns? Who will support your causes and beliefs? 

So, while you may celebrate this perceived victory, you have actually lost a major source of financial support for conservative causes.


If anything, think of all the unnamed people whose lives are built around a great American brand. Countless marketers, employees of distributors, store clerks, truck drivers, ad agency creative types, gay people, straight people, people who literally don’t give a shit about sexual orientation, and then think about these little bastards who work behind the scenes in anonymity to censure and violate Americans’ First Amendment rights to free speech and all the things that go along with that, all in the name of trying to hurt an America-loving brand. Those of you who support this behavior should feel dirty, because you are falling for the psychology of Greedy Corporate Fund Managers. Look up why America was founded in the first place. It is supposed to be a country free from persecution over ideas, religion, unrepresented taxation, self-expression, among other things. Americans have become forgetful and intellectually lazy.

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