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It's all about the passion projects that help to illustrate what we can bring to your project. We bring a a full suite of capabilities to your project through Pre-Production, Production and Post which includes A.I. enhanced storyboard development, character and virtual set creation.

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Border Studios plays a crucial role in modern film and Television content development, offering a range of services and capabilities that enhance the creative process and streamline  production. Here are some things Border Studios can do for film development:

Visual Effects (VFX): Border Studios specialize in creating stunning visual effects that enhance the overall look and feel of a film. This includes CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), compositing, matte painting, and more.

Animation: Border Studios can produce various types of animation, including 2D animation, 3D animation, character animation, and motion graphics. Animation adds depth and creativity to films, whether it’s for entire scenes or specific elements within a scene.

Color Grading: Border Studios offer color grading services to enhance the visual aesthetics of a film. Color grading involves adjusting the color, contrast, and saturation of footage to achieve a desired look or mood.

Editing and Post-Production: Border Studios provide comprehensive editing and post-production services, including editing raw footage, adding sound effects and music, and finalizing the visual and audio elements of the film.

Digital Intermediates (DI): Border Studios can create digital intermediates, which are high-quality digital versions of the film used for editing, color grading, and mastering. DI allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in the post-production process.


Virtual Production: With advancements in technology, Border Studios are increasingly involved in virtual production techniques, such as virtual sets, motion capture, and real-time rendering. These techniques allow filmmakers to visualize and capture scenes in innovative ways.

Pre-Visualization (Previs): Border Studios can create pre-visualization animations and storyboards to help filmmakers plan and visualize complex scenes before they are shot. Previs helps streamline the production process and allows for better communication among the creative team.

Digital Asset Management: Border Studios help manage and organize digital assets, including footage, animation files, and visual effects elements, throughout the production process. This ensures efficient workflow and easy access to necessary assets.

Digital Distribution: In addition to production services, Border Studios can assist with digital distribution strategies, including formatting films for various platforms such as streaming services, online rental/purchase platforms, and theatrical distribution.

Consultation and Innovation: Border Studios often provide consultation services to filmmakers, offering expertise on the latest technologies, techniques, and trends in digital filmmaking. They also contribute to innovation in the industry by developing new tools and workflows to improve the filmmaking process.

Border Studios play a vital role in film development by offering a wide range of services and expertise to help bring filmmakers’ visions to life.

Our VFX pipeline includes industry leading tools that are used across the board on everything from Major Motion Picture Films, Television, Application, gaming, Internet and social media outlets. 

The following is a partial list of the software tools in our production pipeline: 

• Adobe After Effects

• Adobe Photoshop

• Blackmagic Fusion Studio

• Blender

• Fairlight

• FX Factory

• Final Cut Pro

• Houdini 19.5.75

• Apple Motion

• Maxon Cinema 3D Tools

• Nuke15.0 v1

• Redcine-X

• Red Giant

• Pixar Renderman

• Universe

• VisionGPS

• AutoCad

• Warp

We Specialize In Storyboard Development And Visualization Using AI Assisted Content Generation.

Character Development: Meet Elizabeth Chance. That’s Lizard for short.

BackStory to mould the feel of the characters: She’s a scrappy, trigger happy ex-cop, always in your face and ready to argue the finer points. Her trusty team consists of two vibrant sidekicks: first, a meticulous robotic companion seamlessly connected to the internet, well-versed in government policies, and adorned with distinct British mannerisms, always ready to provide you with the latest policy updates, the moment they happen.

The second is a recent addition to the squad, a detective straight from the bustling streets of an Indian shantytown, bringing with him a rich accent and a remarkably short temper. Together, this ensemble creates a delightful and uproarious narrative that promises to captivate and amuse your audience. The curry is extra spicy these days.

Movie Still
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We provide our clients with a visually stunning experience, unparalleled in its uniqueness, by blending cinematic artistry with state-of-the-art technologies.

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Bringing attention to specific causes and issues are what drives us. In 2023, we donated our skills to bring attention to a house resolution to try to get Congress to act on supporting additional funding for Glioblastoma Research in DPG cases affecting Children who rarely live beyond 9 months after diagnosis.

We have established a company dedicated to promoting collaboration through cutting-edge cinematic film technologies and techniques, aimed at capturing and elevating your audience’s viewing experience. Within our repertoire of scripts, concepts, and characters, our primary project emphasis lies in the writing of inventive ideas and the crafting of narratives that enable you to effectively engage your target audience.

See what our writing and visualization team can do for your next project.

Pre-Production Services include creating visuals for your Film or Television project. We help you to develop and visualize a vision before shooting. Excite potential investors with a complete set of visuals, storyboards, character development, and view each of the project’s elements prior to production.

(Future echos) After the war, in our burnt out cities, we naively thought they were Alien, but they were from a future we could never have imagined. They are us, and now, our world is theirs for the taking.